Light and story – video workshop


25 videos plus files to practice

Number of Videos: 25 videos 

Duration: over 8 hours

Course Details

Welcome to my first full online workshop!

This is the first time you can learn everything about my approach to photography and photo editing from your home. 

I will take you to a photo session with me, tell you about my photography approach, and show you how I manage and edit my photos – step by step, just like in a stationary workshop.

You will learn how I look for natural light, how I compose photos, how I choose colors, what techniques I use, and what equipment. After watching the videos, you will understand how those images you know from my portfolio are created. Additionally, you will receive a set of files that I am working on to test my post-production techniques as you watch the video.

This course is over 7 hours of video material and a set of files, and above all, the knowledge that has been only available at stationary workshops so far.

You will find videos in three categories:

1. About my photography in a few words about:

  • both natural and artificial light
  • my composition
  • shooting angles
  • building the frame
  • depth of field
  • color and mood
  • equipment
  • and settings

2. This is a recording of a photo session where you will see:

  • how I work with small models
  • how I take pictures indoors
  • how I take photos outdoors
  • what photos I took and what settings did I use

3. It’s a post-production recording

  • Lightroom basics – importing and organizing work with my advice based on years of practice
  • basic photo editing plan and techniques for its implementation
  • editing photos from interiors and outdoors
  • combining frames in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • transfer editing from photo to photo, compare photos, and adjust colors
  • exporting photos in Lightroom 

All the knowledge that so far could only be obtained in stationary workshops, now at your home with the possibility of repeated playback.


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