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By the window

I love to shoot “window-framed moments” because it gives me a chance to show the season’s beauty without going outside. I can get the atmosphere of a rainy day without getting soaking wet or the magic of a snowy landscape without all the layers of clothing.

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An open and peaceful space in nature, like a garden or field, offers a beautiful place for children to run around and play with their toys. I love to shoot outdoors with green foliage and grass.

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Dream away

Magical portraits of children in my signature blue tones. For these portraits I like to use both natural and artificial light

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Zima może być piękna, ale uchwycić jej piękno to nie lada zadanie.

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Kids and animals

Uwielbiam pracować z dziećmi i zwierzętami i fotografować niezwykłą więź która ich łączy.

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