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Light and Story - video workshop with Iwona from Iwona Podlasińska on Vimeo.

Light and Story- video workshop with Iwona ENG


Welcome to my first full online workshop!

This is the first time you can learn everything about my approach to photography and photo editing from your home. 

I will take you to a photo session with me, tell you about my photography approach, and show you how I manage and edit my photos – step by step, just like in a stationary workshop.

You will learn how I look for natural light, how I compose photos, how I choose colors, what techniques I use, and what equipment. After watching the videos, you will understand how those images you know from my portfolio are created. Additionally, you will receive a set of files that I am working on to test my post-production techniques as you watch the video.

This course is over 7 hours of video material and a set of files, and above all, the knowledge that has been only available at stationary workshops so far.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Introduction
  • 01 Theory

    • 2 Theory: Light
    • 3 Theory: Composition
    • 4 Theory: Angles
    • 5 Theory: Building frame
    • 6 Theory: Depth of field
    • 7 Theory: Colors and mood
    • 8 Theory: Equipment
    • 9 Theory: Settings
  • 02 Session

    • 10 Photo session
  • 03 Post-production

    • 11 Post-Production: Lightroom basis
    • 12 Post-production: My basic workflow
    • 13 Post-production: synchronizing adjustments
    • 14 Post-production- Portrait of mom and daughter
    • 15 Post- Production: panoramic image, creating versions
    • 16 Post-Production: Indoor images, blue tones
    • 17 Post-Production: Changing window view in PS
    • 18 Post-production: Image with warm and cold light
    • 19 Post-Production: adding details in the sky, 2 examples
    • 20 Post-production: Warm tones edit, removing a distraction
    • 21 Post-production: Portrait through the wet glass
    • 22 Post-production: Creating a magical image with bokeh lights
    • 23 Post-production: finishing the editing process
    • 24 Post- production: Exporting
    • 25 Summary of the workshop