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Edycja zdjęć w Lightroom'ie from Iwona Podlasińska on Vimeo.

Lightroom Collection (ENG)


The Lightroom collection is a set of videos showing how I process photos using only Adobe Lightroom. At the moment, the collection includes 13 videos, which means over 3 hours of learning and access to files.

Editing in Lightroom is fast and straightforward and gives excellent results. This collection is sure to interest those looking for a beautiful way to edit without spending hours in front of the computer.
I will show you how:

  • I edit golden tones in photos with the setting sun,
  • I acquire my characteristic cool tones in the images,
  • I edit portraits, carry out D&B techniques, smooth the skin, sharpen my eyes,
  • how I turn day into night
  • as I sharpen the photo
  • as I manage my photos
    all without Photoshop.

You will find the files to practice in the description of the videos.

What You'll Learn

  • 01 Intro

    • 1 Lightroom basis
    • 2 How to export photos from Lightroom
  • 02 Lessons

    • 3 Sunday (at play)
    • 4 Wiki in Warsaw
    • 5 Farewell
    • 6 In the forest
    • 7 Brothers ENG
    • 8 Aviator ENG
    • 9 Green Days ENG
    • 10 Wind-ow ENG
    • 11 Moon Festival ENG
    • 12 Happy Days ENG
    • 13 Ocean ENG
    • 14 Long Goodbye ENG
  • 03 Update

    • 15 Dodging and Burning in Lightroom
    • 16 Color Grading (former Split Toning)
    • 17 Mastering Lightroom previews with Iwona Podlasińska
    • 18 Quick retouch in Lightroom