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Winter Collection - English from Iwona Podlasińska on Vimeo.

Winter Collection (ENG)


Watch how I edit winter photos in this limited collection of editing videos.

With this purchase, you get unlimited streaming of my 4 editing videos for 1 year.

Learn how:

  • I edit my window photos
  • how I can turn a daytime photo into a dark and night-time one
  • how I add atmosphere to bright snowy photos
  • how I edit my low light shot

There are 4 videos in this collection.

What You'll Learn

  • 01 Lessons

    • 1 Niko and Bona ENG
    • 2 The journey to the land of dreams ENG
    • 3 Mastering Lightroom previews with Iwona Podlasińska
    • 4 Secrets ENG
    • 5 Cozy ENG
  • 02 Update

    • 6 Color Grading (former Split Toning)
    • 7 Dodging and Burning in Lightroom
    • 8 Quick retouch in Lightroom

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