Editing videos collection

Each collection consists of 4-12 videos plus bonus videos. In each of them, I show how to edit a photo from a RAW file to ta ready image. I edit either only in Lightroom or in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Go to the chosen collection to watch movies for 1 year. To see which videos are in the collection, click on the window with the photo. This will show you a gallery of “before-and-after” images. You will find videos regarding these photos in the collection.

My videos are for you if:

  • you want to learn how to edit photos to achieve deep tones and a magical atmosphere
  • you want to edit photos without using presets, actions or additional paid plugins
  • you take photos in natural light with shallow depth of field
  • you want to learn how to creatively use the simple tools of Lightroom and Photoshop

NEW: download the files and edit with me step by step. You will find the link to download the files once you made the purchase. Look for the link in the description on Vimeo.

ATTENTION! if the movie rental period expires and you want to extend it, contact me to receive a discount. You can send me the purchase confirmation you received from Vimeo to my e-mail iwonapodlasinska@yahoo.pl and ask for a discount!

Please note that the videos are sold by Vimeo.com, therefore all matters regarding invoices, purchases, and refunds are subject terms of use of Vimeo.com.

Iwona Podlasinska online workshop

Come an join me on a photo session and watch me edit


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Lightroom and Photoshop Collection


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