Lightroom and Photoshop Collection


a set of 14 editing videos

Number of Videos: 14 videos + bonus videos

Duration: 4 hours 05 minutes

Course Details

Learn how to edit your images to add that magical spark. I will take you, step by step, through the editing of my most recognizable photos. I will show you all the techniques I use: Learn how

  • Add skied and replace overcast skies
  • remove distractions
  • edit indoor and outdoor photos
  • create light rays from scratch
  • achieve the tones and mood you know form my photos

My editing always starts and ends in Lightroom. In this collection, you will see me using Photoshop for special tasks like combining photos or removing distractions. No presets or actions are used.

Download the files to follow my steps when editing.  You will find them in the description once you made your purchase.

Check which videos are featured in this collection: