Light and story- Iwona Podlasińska photography workshop

workshop: Light and story- Iwona Podlasińska in Switzerland

when: September 1st, 2nd,

where: Reitnau, Switzerland 

Join me for a two-day long outdoor photography workshop in Reitnau, Switzerland, September 1st and 2nd 2018. I will share tonnes of knowledge with you about my, editing secrets and shoot side by side!

During the workshop, I will talk about how I create my “magical” images. I will tell you all I know about light, composition and working with kids. I will show you step by step how I edited some of my most famous shots.
We will go out shooting with natural light. I will show you how I approach different shooting conditions and we will shoot side by side creating some magical and storytelling images.

This workshop is dedicated to those who want to take more interesting photos of their own kids or to add a little bit of magic to their client’s sessions.

To join the workshop you should know how to use your camera in the manual mode and have to have a basic knowledge of how to use Lightroom and Photoshop.


A chance to learn everything step by step and work 1-1 with the instructor unlike in big 20 people groups!

The total COST per attendee for the workshop will be €599

An initial deposit of €149 is to be paid to book the slot.

To book a slot send a message to (you can use the contact form below) or contact me on FB- click here
This workshop will be hosted by Esthy Fehlmann – Oehen