Upcoming workshops

January 9-11th, 2018 –  Zhengzhou, China



February 10-11th, 2018 –  Zakopane, Poland
 “Zimowa kraina”

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February 17-18th, 2018 –  Zakopane, Poland
 “Zimowa kraina”


March 3-4th 2018 –  Buenos Aires, Argentina

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April 20-21th 2018 –  Madrid, Spain

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May 10-12th 2018 –  “Złodziejewo”, Polska
 “Tu jesteś w niebie”

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June 7th, 10th – Florence, Italy
 Baby&Kid conference+workshop


September 10th, 11th, 12th – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Click Family conference and workshop


October 6th, 7th – Jelenia Góra, Poland
Między jawą a snem


Ended workshops

November 10th – Warszawa, Poland
 “Ulotne chwile- fotografia dziecięca w plenerze”


October 21st – Heeßen, Germany
 “Magische Momente”
September 23th – London, UK
 “The return to innocence”
September 16th-17th – London, UK
 “The return to innocence”
September 6-7th  -ZhengZhou, CHINA
August 26-27th  – Northern Virginia, USA
 “Precious moments”
July 15th-16th – Kielce, Poland
 “Między jawą a snem”
July 14th-15th – Kielce, Poland
 “Między jawą a snem”
June 24th-25th – Vicenza, Italy
  “Tra realtà e sogno”
June 10th-11th – Anna Paulowna, Holland
  “Light and story”
May 11th-13th – “Złodziejewo”, Poland
“Tu jesteś w niebie”
May 13th-15th – “Złodziejewo”, Poland
“Tu jesteś w niebie”
April 22th – Jelenia Góra, Poland
 “Światło i emocje”
April 22th – Jelenia Góra, Poland
 “Światło i emocje”
March 26th – Warszawa, Poland
“Ulotne chwile”
February 10th, 12th, 13th  – Lisbon, Portugal
Baby and Kid conference and workshop 
November 24th, 25th – Sao Paulo, Brasil
“Dreams of a child”
October 8th, 9th – Edinburgh, UK
“Living in a fairyland”
October 2nd – Newbridge, Ireland
“Between dreams and reality”
October 1st – Newbridge, Ireland
“Between dreams and reality”
September 9, 10, 11 – Złodziejewo, POLAND
“Tu jesteś jak w niebie”
August 6th – 7th – Łask, POLAND
July 16th – 17th – Siemczyno, POLAND
“Magiczny świat dzieci”
June 11-12th Tokarnia, POLAND
June 10-11th Tokarnia, POLAND
May 22nd, Szczodrochowo, POLAND
May 21st, Szczodrochowo, POLAND
April 24th, Warszawa, POLAND
April 23th, Warszawa, POLAND