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From time to time my photos are published in world media. Check the links below to learn about me and my photography.

My Modern Met

Photographer Captures the Magic of Childhood in Enchanting Portraits of Her Young Sons

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The Bright side and 5-minute crafts

A Photographer Turns Her Kids’ Lives Into a Fairytale, and Her Shots Are So Cozy You Feel at Home

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Bored Panda

My Cats Are Afraid Of Kids Except For My Son So I Decided To Capture Their Bond (20 Pics)

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121 clicks

An interview in a respected online photography magazine

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SFG (Ukraine)

An article in an online magazine in Ukraine

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Chip photo video (Germany)

Article in a printed magazine in Germany

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Art of portrait photography

6-page article in printed Chinese photography magazine

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Flickr TOP 25 of 2017- Petapixel

The top 15 photos on Flickr in 2017

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Flickr TOP 25 of 2017

No 1 most popular photo on Flickr in 2017

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